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mm... mm... morgasm's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2005-09-29 23:13
Mood: cranky

"Friday Night Lights" is an awesome flick.

So I got really drunk by accident last night at Chef Geoff's. I woke up at 5am with the worst headache ever. I had to take two Aleve, and even then, it took me a while to get back to sleep.

The hangover wore pretty fast. Although I'm pretty sure I was still kinda drunk this morning at work.

My hands are dry.

The second "Abarat" book came out today in paperback, so I'm super happy.

I'm getting my camera tomorrow. Woot woot!

Fin. Bwahahahahaha....

PMS sucks.

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Date:2005-09-27 14:00
Mood: curious

Babies are weird. And small.

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Date:2005-09-21 18:46
Mood: weird

Scared of whales. Especially their tales.

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Date:2005-09-20 15:27
Mood: ecstatic

Last night was fucking insane! The place we went to was awesome -- 'Skins fans everywhere. When we scored the first TD the place erupted. There was broken glass everywhere, knocked over, broken stools. Bodies flying. It was more crucial than any show I've been to.

That was the best four minutes of my fuckin' life.

It was rad that we won when they had the ceremony to induct Aikman, Irving and Smith into their hall of fame type shit. Bwahahaha.

FUCK Dallas!

I'm off to get my hair chopped off.

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Date:2005-09-19 19:33
Mood: excited

I actually don't drink a lot of whiskey, yet I have it listed as an interest in my profile. Interesting.

The Redskins play the Cowboys tonight at 9. We're going out to Rockville with Joe and Geoff to watch the game. Since I'm broke, there had better be some drink specials.

I got another raise today, however. I pretty much kick ass at selling toys.


My sister is getting me a new camera for my birthday, too. A Canon Rebel, since I think my uncle stole my old one and sold it for booze money.

Jesse already got us crazy seats to the Seahawks game for my birthday, too.

The past two years I haven't been excited about my birthday, but this year I totally am. I guess it reminds me of my mom passing away or some shit.

I really hope the Skins win tonight!

ex oh

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Date:2005-09-06 22:02
Mood: sleepy

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

Wow. I didn't realize how few people I know in real life on this thing.

What happened with Katrina really sucks. I feel really helpless about it, although I'm doing all that I can. It just sucks for all of those people...

I've joined a fantasy football league, which I'm really happy about.

Football starts on Thursday. Yay!

There is a work outing to a Nationals game on Thursday. That's cool. They hooked us up with tickets and with $25 each for parking or beer or whatever. How rad is that?

What's not rad is that I'm watching "The Real World" right now. How not cool of me.

I had a really awesome weekend. I'm not sure why it was so awesome. Just was.

Friday Jesse and I went out to Chadwick's and met up with Liz, Griff, and some of their friends. Saturday we went to the Nats game with Terri and Shawn and had super rad seats. Then I went out with Terri for a little while after. Sunday Jesse and I BBQ'd with Dave and Beth.

I like seeing people that I hadn't seen in a bit.

Yesterday we had a picnic. I heart wine and cheese and baguette. Yum!

That's about all...

ex oh

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Date:2005-08-29 16:42
Subject:Summers end.
Mood: busy

Things that have been happening...

Being made manager hasn't changed things too much. Just some more money.

Contemplating trying to get a second job in Georgetown.

Scoring lots of tickets to see the Redskins. Also procured some really great Nats tickets.

Lots of vacations have come and gone.

Time to do laundry.

ex oh

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Date:2005-05-20 15:35
Subject:Friday is my day off.
Mood: cheerful

I have today off from work. That means that I'll be doing laundry, sleeping late, and watching The Fued. Right now, however, I'm watching the end of "Orca" on AMC. I wasn't aware that it was a classic movie. "Earthquake" is on next. I've been on the ride...

I'm wearing a dress. It makes my day off feel a little bit more special.

The maintenance people in my building keep knocking on the door. They put signs up late last night in the elevator informing me that they are going to have to enter the apartments on the sixth floor today in order to check on something-or-another. It's so annoying because it's my day off, and I want to sleep late. So I keep ignoring them and just leaving the deadbolt on. Although I did also put up a sign that said, "Come back later. Thank you!!" and when I went to take it down, I noticed that although my deadbolt was on, the door was unlocked, meaning that despite the sign I put up, they tried to come in. That's so annoying! At least if they had given me some warning I could have possibly planned according.

"Ocra" is a disturbing film. But it's deep, you know? Revenge and all. Yeah...

Probably not doing super exciting tonight. I'll wait for tomorrow.

Last night Jib and I got super mugs at Chef Geoff's. Then we order some yummy, organic Chinese food from Mr. Chen's, which is the best Asian food to order in my opinion because it's not at all greasy. Yum!

I'm proud of myself because I've fought the urge to go to Sugar and blow tons of money there during their 20 percent off sale.

And I got my super rad bag from Neighborhoodies that I am SO happy about!

I just knocked over a glass of water while trying to pick up the phone, which was my sister.

"Earthquake" is on!

ex oh

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Date:2005-05-16 21:50
Mood: rushed

Work. Working out. Reading. Etc. Repeat.

Not much time for the computer lately.

Everything's alright, though.

ex oh

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Date:2005-05-02 14:53
Subject:Updates 'cause I gotta.
Mood: bored

So I got today off of work. I slept really late.

Updating, even though I don't have much to say.

Friday night went to Dave Attell; Fast Eddies; Archibald's. I feel like every other Friday night I end up at a strip club. Hm.

Saturday I worked and then slept for a while. Finally went out to Georgetown Billiards. At first I wasn't in the mood to drink, but after a while there I did. It was actually super fun.

Too many bills to pay.

Bad TV today.

ex oh

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Date:2005-04-28 20:45
Subject:Toy Story.
Mood: sleepy

I'm watching that creepy ass part of "Toy Story" when they're in that creepy boy's house and all of the misfit toys come out to play.

I hate that little boy! He's so mean and awful.

Long day at work. It went fast, though.

Tomorrow night I'm going to go see Dave Attell, whose name I believe I spelled wrong. Oh well... I'm still going to go see him live, which should be ultra money.

To infinite and beyond...

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Date:2005-04-27 18:48
Subject:Going to the dentist.
Mood: sore

Out to play football, bitches.

I hate that commerical for Best Buy with the Black Eyed Peas in it.

ex oh

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Date:2005-04-26 21:18
Subject:Booze. Black Cat. Face Plants. The Dog House.
Mood: relaxed

Saturday night was fun. At first.

Went to Smith v. Cure night and had fun. Saw some ultra-rad people. Then I got really, really drunk.

Joe got Jesse kicked out 'cause he stole a beer and Jesse drank it thinking that Joe had *finally* bought him a beer, since Jibby had been paying for them all night.

Then I refused to leave and acted the butthead. Ah... I regret that.

However, I had tons o' fun while I was acting the butthead.

Then I went home.

Fight ensued.

Jibby took a walk.

I reached for the phone and...

Down I went!

I fell on my face. My hair line, actually. I somehow managed to bump [?] my hair line and then I cried a lot and tried drunk calling lots of people.

I only managed to leave a message with my brother, fortunately, 'cause I was hammered.

I was in the Dog House the next two days 'cause, like I said, I acted like a complete, selfish, asshole and just ditched Jibby, which is super fucked up of me.

We're all right now, though.

My head still hurts. Not as much as Sunday and Monday, though. I'm retarded. I swear.
And on a lighter note...

I met some really nice people on Saturday, and re-met nice people too. Then I met one really bitchy girl who sucked. She sucks. She nasty.

What else?

I cracked a tooth today, so now that hurts, too. It was while I was eating TRIX and it was on my tongue ring. So now I gotta go to the dentist.

I suck at life so badly.

Work = boring.

Thank gawd I have off tomorrow.

I bought a blueberry'n'peach pie from Balducci's [ex-Sutton Place] tonight,and I can't wait to eat it.

For dinner I ate loads of stinky cheese and I'm still drinkin' some yummy Pouilly-fuisse.


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Date:2005-04-20 14:51
Mood: blah

It's hot.

I have to do laundry.

No work today = hip, hip hooray?

Allergies are killing me.

Hair = Ennui.

Decisions. Decisions.

Ash is buying a great, big house!

My hands are clammy.



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Date:2005-04-15 18:59
Subject:You know that's right...
Mood: excited

Iron Maiden
You're Iron Maiden! Developing from punk roots, and
now with Bruce Dickenson back on ship, you're
still the leading British Heavy Metal band.
Form has greatly slipped as of late, however,
even your new three guitar onslaught with the
returning Adrian Smith just isn't as impressive
as it used to be. \m/ rating of 7

Which Legendary Heavy Metal Band Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Work wasn't too bad.

Jibby was outside of B'More when I talked to him last.

I think we may go play some pool tonight.

I sent Kristin a bunch of little presents today... I can't wait until she gets them!

Work tomorrow. I hope it goes by fast fast.


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Date:2005-04-14 23:15
Mood: tired

What the fuck should I do with my hair?

I want a change!!

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Date:2005-04-14 21:53
Mood: relaxed


1. was thirteen years old.

2. had never kissed a boy!

3. still had my dogs Spike and Mimi.

4. was in a "band" called Mush Those Caterpillars.

5. played the guitar.


1. stole beer from frats.

2. listened to a lot of drum'n'bass.

3. smoked Newport Lights.

4. was in love with a boy named Nick.

5. still lived in NY.


1. was still borderline alcoholic.

2. moved into The Apartment with Jibby.

3. had lost my Cingular phone. Boo.

4. Still drank Aftershock.

5. didn't have black hair.


1. Bought the car with Jibby.

2. Starting smoking weed again.

3. Still worked at Fingerprints.

4. wasn't about to be an aunt.

5. didn't have my fly traps.


1. got up early.

2. said bye-bye to Jibby.

3. wore my Fender earrings.

4. went to Chef Geoff's with Geoff.

5. drank some Galliano.


1. woke up with quite a bit of trouble.

2. put away a lot of toys.

3. ordered stuff from the Gap with a gift card.

4. talked to Kristin.

5. watched the Nationals win.


1. go to work.

2. visit with Sasha.

3. get to see Jibby!

4. drink.

5. make out and then some.

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Date:2005-04-14 21:22
Subject:Baseball Mother Fuckers.
Mood: tired

N.A.T.S... Nats! Nats! Nats!

What'd ya think about that?

Awesome. DC fans... awesome. The Nationals... awesome. I'm so pumped to be watching the home opener for the Nationals.

We're cleaning up, too. It's been a really good game... for Nats fans.

So Jibby called me this morning. He had just been asleep last night when I kept calling. I was so worried about him.

I had a gift certificate from the Gap. I don't like the Gap, but free stuff is free stuff. So I just ordered some tank tops, halters, and t shirts. They're that thin, soft cotton that is rad for layering, too, so that's okay with me.

Work today went by really fast. There was a lot to do because all of the turds were working. They don't do shit. So that means that there is an awful lot for me to do. When I'm in the mood, I can get a lot of shit done. So today actually flew by, which is really rad.

I had a lot of fun with Geoff last night at Chef Geoff's. I ran all the way home, which was hysterical when I realized that this morning. I woke up with shin splints and I was like, "What the fuck?" and then I remembered that I ran home because, as I recall thinking, "I'll get home a lot faster if I run." Makes sense... although it's weird as shit.

I bought a really cute check book cover today that is supposed to be super-duper expensive, but I got it for $5. Sometimes working with the particular people that I deal with has its perks...

I miss Jibby. I can't wait for him to get back tomorrow night. I hate when he has to go out of town. And I really wish that I didn't have to work on Saturday. Boo hiss.

ex oh

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Date:2005-04-14 00:46
Subject:Self Control.
Mood: worried

I ain't got none.

Went to Chef Geoff's with... Geoff! Way rad...

Although, I stayed there was too long. I should be in bed now. Shouldn't have done shots. Shouldn't have drank mixed drinks. I guess it's okay though 'cause I'm not very drunk. Although I drank a lot, so that's weird.

Steve hooked us up *so* hardcore. I guess I do need to start going back to Chef Geoff's again.

especially since it's right by my work.

Alright... I tried calling Jibby a bunch of times and he hasn't picked up. Is he in a deep, deep sleep? Is he ignoring me? Is he dead? I don't know... I'm starting to worry. I hate cars. What if something happened? I keep redialing him because I'm scared, but there is no answer, and I even called the hotel. What the FUCK??

If anything happened to him.... agh. I don't even know what I'd do.... eh. I'm starting to tear up, so forget this conversation.

Geoff and I had the most depressing conversations tonight about stuff. He and I have SO SO SO much in common when it comes to tragic family stuff. I thought that there was no one out there like me. There is. It's insane. And depressing.

Makes you take a lot of shots.

I'm going to eat. Where is Jesse???????

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Date:2005-04-12 08:23
Mood: tired

I don't want to go to work!

ex oh

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